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Welcome to the DX Website

DX is a well established and friendly guild located on the World of Warcraft Uther Realm.
Other Guild News

Weekly Raid Quest: Anub'Rekhan

gazgar, Apr 15, 10 9:02 AM.

Again, we must defeat Anub'Rekhan within Naxxramas.  Once he is defeated I vote we return back to Ulduar or ICC for a reputation run.

Have fun guys


No Old World this week...

BarryPease, Apr 12, 10 9:31 AM.
Hey Guys,

I won't be able to schedule up an old world for this week as I've got other plans for Titian's upcoming birthday.

-- Karn

Old World Raids - AQ20 & AQ40

BarryPease, Apr 8, 10 9:14 AM.
Hi Everyone,

As promised back in March, I have created the first of many events for old world raids.
For me, these are just a blast because you can almost run through them, taking down these huge mobs with a group of 5 to 10 well geared 80s. And, of course, lower levels can come to these once we have enough 80s, so it's more open to alts and such.
After coordinating with our friends in other countries, I've established the first one for 5 PM Server time, 8 PM EASTERN, on Friday.
We'll start with AQ20, and as more people arrive, we can get through that quickly and go into AQ40.
I can't expect it will take us more than 1 to 2 hours in total if we have enough people. There's really only one hard fight, and that's in AQ40 with the Twins.

(I'm also going to use these to test out some new tanking macros, as I'm tweaking Karn just a bit to make him even more effective as a tank.)

I hope everyone can make it, and I look forward to kicking some old world a$$.

-- Barry aka Karn

Weekly Raid Quest: Malygos

gazgar, Apr 6, 10 7:50 PM.

This week we head into the Eye of Eternity to confront the great dragon, Malygos. Dun Dun Dah.....

Should be a fairly easy fight, with little issue.  The third phase can be tricky to co-ordinate, so I have uploaded the strategy below to remind everyone of the fight. 

Have fun.


Weekly Raid Quest: XT-002 Deconstructor

gazgar, Mar 30, 10 8:18 PM.
XT-002 Deconstructor.

Another easy target for this week's raid quest.  XT-002 Deconstructor within the great halls of Ulduar.  

I have also embedded the strategy for Ignis the Furnace Master for us to attempt - in revenge of last week!

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